I bring a warm presence to my counselling practice, offering a confidential and supportive environment where you can explore the issues that are troubling you or simply use the space to come to a deeper and richer self understanding.

My approach to counselling is humanistic and transpersonal, meaning I see each individual as unique and in possession of their own innate wisdom and as an integral part of the totality of life.

The counselling relationship provides a unique space where issues and difficulties can be safely and sensitively explored and insight gained into previously opaque areas of experience. Patterns of relating can be recognised and where appropriate, challenged and either let go or modified, enabling us to meet life more as ourselves and move towards the person we want to be. 


I am interested in how life’s difficulties, including those in childhood, physical and emotional traumas and the complexities of the modern world, can lead us, as a form of self- protection, to distance ourselves from our vital experience and our genuine emotions. The result is often confusion and a diminished understanding of our genuine needs and wants: physical, emotional and spiritual. This disconnection from our natural selves keeps us distanced from the social and natural worlds around us, leading to increased anxiety, a sense of isolation and a lack of fulfilment which, if left unchecked can lead to depression and disengagement.

Related to this is the cultural emphasis on "doing" rather than "being" and the strain and stress so many of us experience in trying to succeed and achieve, or simply to stay afloat, often at great cost to our psychological and mental health. Counselling can help in establishing a more healthy balance.

Fundamentally, whatever our beliefs about life, we are an integral part of the universe we inhabit, and ultimately meaning and purpose are derived from our relationship to that and to each other.

Through counselling, becoming more conscious of these and other aspects of our experience enables us to participate in a more positive and authentic way with our world and derive more satisfaction day to day.